UNESCO Adopts Resolution Denying Israel's Rights to J'slm

These resolutions accuse Tel Aviv of "human rights violations in the occupied Syrian Golan" and the West Bank. The United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization on Tuesday passed a resolution demanding that Israel disavow Jerusalem as its capital.

At B&R Forum, Xi says all countries should respect sovereignty

Hammond offered strong support for what China formally calls the Belt and Road initiative, as he spoke at the opening of a summit on the plan in Beijing. "I know the United States has been among those countries apparently most skeptical", said Paulson, who was in office in 2006-09. It includes the ambassador to China, Samih Johar Hayat, members of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development and other ranking officials from various departments.

UK interior minister Rudd says health system has recovered from cyber attack

This is already believed to be the biggest online extortion attack ever recorded, disrupting services in nations as diverse as the U.S., Ukraine, Brazil, Spain and India. Those who have Windows Update enabled are protected against attacks on this vulnerability. The ransomware encrypted data on the computers, demanding payments of $300 to $600 to restore access.

North Korea's Another Ballistic Missile Test Has Put Everyone on High Alert

The latest "provocation" should serve as a call for all nations to implement far stronger sanctions against the North, it said. The White House took note of the missile landing close to Russia's Pacific coast and said in a statement that North Korea has been "a flagrant menace for far too long".

China to align Belt & Road initiative with Indonesia's development plan

Thomson said the Belt and Road Initiative demonstrates China's determination and capability to push forward mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation. We will not interfere in other countries' internal affairs. "This will not overshadow (the summit) in an enormous way but it will absolutely continue to raise U.S.