'Credibility' made Flynn firing longer than Comey's: White House

Mr Obama, who had fired Mr Flynn as the head of the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), told Mr Trump that he would have profound concerns about Mr Flynn becoming a top national security aide. This development comes after former president Barrack Obama [official website] said he had warned Trump not to hire Flynn [NYT report]. Republican members pointedly asked Ms.

British Columbia Liberals hang on to win minority government

As for her plans for a coalition government, Clark says she will be awaiting final results. Despite boasting about B.C. having Canada's strongest economy and four balanced budgets - true - Clark's Liberals lost four cabinet ministers, her popular vote dropped and a comfortable majority turned into a minority.

U.S. forces kill ISIS leader in Afghanistan

The statement , following an earlier announcement by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, said Hasib directed the March 8 attack on the main Kabul military hospital by a group of militants disguised as doctors. He died 10 days ago in an joint special forces operation in eastern Nangarhar province, the USA military said. "US Special Operations forces killed several senior ISIS-K leaders along with about 35 ISIS operatives, which should significantly degrade ISIS-K operations and help to ...

Chinese Chicken Is Headed To America. But It's Really All About Beef

Chinese Chicken Is Headed To America. But It's Really All About Beef

The deal will also allow Chinese companies to buy U.S. liquified natural gas . But his tone changed after he took office and met with Xi in April, calling the Chinese leader a "good man" who was trying to help Trump rein in North Korea. Steinbeisser said the announcements have already had an effect on prices. And there's some important elements to the agreement that they announced, but it is really just a first step.

Russia's proposed Syrian

Russia's proposed Syrian "safe zone" deal goes into effect

Russian Federation suspended the agreement a month ago following a US missile strike on a Syrian air base in response to a deadly chemical gas attack that has been blamed on the Syrian government forces. Syria's foreign minister said on May 8 that Russian troops, not UN-supervised worldwide forces, will enforce the cease-fire in safe zones established under a Russian-led agreement.