Sen. Blumenthal: Sessions' Hawaii Remark 'Really Bizarre'

Sen. Blumenthal: Sessions' Hawaii Remark 'Really Bizarre'

Watson, has his chambers, drew a rebuke from both of the United States senators who represent the state. He is the only federal judge of native Hawaiian descent, and he attended Harvard Law School with former President Obama and the new Supreme Court justice, Neil Gorsuch.

Russian Federation to supply power to rebel-controlled eastern Ukraine

Peskov clarified that for humanitarian considerations Russian Federation is responsible for guaranteeing electricity supplies to the rebel republic, which along with Donetsk form the Donbass region, rich in coal and other materials. Vladislav Deinego, the regional leader of pro-Russian separatists, said that territories under his control had begun to receive the Russian electricity through preexisting infrastructure.

Court Blunts Trump's Sanctuary Cities Crackdown

Though the ruling affirmed the government may have some authority to seek local compliance with federal law, Orrick cited public comments by both President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions as evidence that the administration was reaching beyond legal limitations in order to punish cities which take a different approach to immigration.

Ivanka Trump gives exclusive interview to Breitbart News

Here's video of the incident (you may need to turn your volume all the way up to hear it), in which Ivanka says her father has been a champion of women long before he became president. The newspaper Berliner Zeitung, which has described her as "the president's whisperer", said German officials would "certainly be hoping that the president's daughter will convey a positive image of Germany to her father".

Rush Limbaugh: 'Looks Like Trump Is Caving' on Wall

Rush Limbaugh: 'Looks Like Trump Is Caving' on Wall

The issue has taken on special urgency this week, because if no budget is passed before the end of Friday, the federal government will be forced to shut down . Trump campaigned throughout the country past year promising a wall across the entire 2,200 mile southern border, promising that Mexico would pay for it.

UK's Labour Party Backs Rights for EU Citizens in Brexit Deal

Echoing comments made by the Labour leader himself, Mrs May pointed out that bookmakers were initially offering odds of 200-1 against Jeremy Corbyn taking the helm of his party in the race to succeed Ed Miliband. Some 55% oppose such a deal; 44% say that they should only get it if United Kingdom citizens in other European Union countries get the same guarantee, as the Conservatives have argued; while 11% do not think European Union citizens should be given such a guarantee even then.