Court documents: Mother had abused teen in kidnapping case

The duo was found on April 20; the. The federal judge read Tad Cummins his charges , which include transporting a minor across state lines with the intent to engage in sexual activity. According to the federal prosecutors, Cummins admitted to complex efforts to avoid capture during his 38 days on the run, including traveling back roads through nine states, using disguises, disengaging the Global Positioning System on his wife's Nissan Rogue and staying in motels with lax check-in procedures ...

Twitter Plans To Stream Non-Stop Live Videos

Twitter Plans To Stream Non-Stop Live Videos

Our goal is to be a dependable place so that when you want to see what's happening, you think of going to Twitter . Video content on Twitter will cover topics like sports, news, entertainment and more. It recently lost the right to broadcast NFL games to Amazon, but it's apparently "working on many, many things" to make its vision a reality even without Thursday night football in its repertoire.

Government shutdown: Border wall money out, Obamacare fight on

Democrats have expressed little appetite for dramatically reducing taxes, especially for big business. BENNETT: Those were the voices of Republican Senators Jeff Flake of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of SC. Trump floated the prospect of re-introducing a modified health care plan that repeals Obamacare , after the original bill crashed and burned last month.

Arkansas Aiming to Execute Three More Prisoners

Arkansas Aiming to Execute Three More Prisoners

Jones' sister recently gave an interview where she talked at length about her brother's mental state and how the state of Arkansas will not allow her to be present for his execution . Oklahoma planned a double execution in 2014 but scrapped plans for the second one after the execution of Clayton Lockett went awry. OH officials allegedly inquired about drugs through its mental health department, and Texas allegedly used a drug registration number for a long-shuttered prison hospital.

U.S. begins moving missile defense system to deployment site in South Korea

Recent U.S. commercial satellite images indicate increased activity around North Korea's nuclear test site, and third-generation dictator Kim Jong Un has said the country's preparation for an ICBM launch is in its "final stage". A pre-emptive strike, he said, "would be the last one". A U.S. aircraft carrier strike group is also expected to arrive in the waters off the Korean peninsula in the next few days.

We're almost at 100 days. What is Trump's approval rating?

Trump floated the idea of a 15 percent corporate tax rate during the campaign, but Republican leadership in the House of Representatives is proposing a 20 percent rate as part of its tax overhaul plan. "I promise, we don't do that", Trump said, and praised Haley for doing a "fantastic job". Where the plan could go dangerously astray is if the administration bases it on wishful thinking - specifically, that tax-cutting will pay for itself.