Too early to predict effects of Trump's tax cuts

Too early to predict effects of Trump's tax cuts

The principles of his tax plan - presented Wednesday in a one-page document - offered enough detail to suggest that Trump's preferred tax changes will add a ton to deficits. Christine Ries , an economics professor at Georgia Tech, said the plan boosts income, innovation and job creation by changing incentives and reducing tax burdens on pro-growth activities.

North Korea's failed missile launch 'disrespected' China

The JCS viewed the launch as a failure because the missile exploded a few minutes after being fired. "It could have happened today exactly because we had the meeting", Italian UN Ambassador Sebastiano Cardi, chair of the Security Council's North Korean sanctions committee, told reporters.

Thai PM arrives in PH for Asean Summit

He called for "peaceful resolution of disputes" and respect for rule of law, saying, "In an era where there can be much of uncertainly, we must faithfully adhere to the supremacy of the law and rely on the primacy of rules as responsible members of the global community".

Poland chides France's Macron for backing tougher line on Warsaw

Still, the alliance caused splits within Dupont-Aignan's own party, "Stand up France", with the departure of a vice president, Dominique Jamet. "He is deeply moved by the controversy which he thinks is deeply unfair and will file a legal complaint against these allegations", Marine Le Pen said.

Six stories in the news today, April 28

Six stories in the news today, April 28

In his first Midwest news conference Thursday, Sonny Perdue told reporters there are products that Mexico produces better than the US and products that Canada produces better, which he says is the essence of how NAFTA will be handled.

Trump Opts For Renegotiation Over Pulling Out Of NAFTA

The aggressive approach the U.S. will take in the NAFTA negotiations was exemplified by this week's decision by the Trump administration to impose tariffs on imports of softwood lumber from Canada, accompanied by threats to take action against Canadian dairy imports.