Macron vs. Le Pen - meet the next president of France

They will go head to head in the final May 7 runoff. France's legislative election in June now takes on a vital importance, with huge questions about whether Ms Le Pen and even the more moderate Mr Macron will be able to rally sufficient MPs to their causes.

Japan's Abe agrees to keep close contact with USA on North Korea

Japan's Abe agrees to keep close contact with USA on North Korea

A Japanese official said the phone call between Trump and Abe was not prompted by any specific change in the situation. The Pentagon called on the Pyongyang government to "refrain from provocative, destabilising actions and rhetoric" and return to "serious talks" with the worldwide community about it's nuclear ambitions.

Labour's Corbyn promises more public holidays in vote pledge

A more pertinent concern, would be that voters at least have the nominal option of permitting the Labour Party, as now composed, to lead a socialist Britain in a fearless new post-Brexit world - something likely to be even worse than "1984".

Australian citizenship to include test of 'values'

Prime Minister Turnbull did not specify exactly what " Australian values " might mean, stating that the government would consult with the public before it decides which questions would be included in the new testing. There will be a new requirement to provide documentation that people who can work are working or in education, are complying with welfare access, and are "properly paying taxes".

Antonio Tajani: UK would be welcomed back if voters overturn Brexit

May, who took over as prime minister without an election in the political turmoil that followed Britain's vote to leave the European Union last June, made the surprise announcement on Tuesday that she wanted to hold a snap election. "Instead of the country's wealth being hidden in tax havens, we will put it in the hand of the people", he said. "The result is not certain", she said.