North Korea Tests Missile Days After South Korea Got A New President

Whatever the type of missile, the launch forces the new South Korean leader, Moon Jae-in, to put dealing with Pyongyang above the domestic economic agenda he made a priority during his early days in office. The test is also an immediate challenge to South Korea's new president, Moon Jae-in, a liberal elected last week who expressed a desire to reach out to North Korea.

UK Conservatives have 15 point lead over Labour: Opinium poll

President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order on Thursday launching a commission to review alleged voter fraud and voter suppression in the US election system. "But that is very far from the kind of unilateral wars and interventions that have nearly become routine in recent times ". In a major speech, the Labour leader said there was a "clear choice" for the electorate between a Labour Party that would seek to emphasise peace and diplomacy, and what he described as ...

PM greets new South Korean President

PM greets new South Korean President

Moon told Abe to "look straight at history" and not make the past "a barrier", South Korea's presidential office said. Moon was expected to fill the remaining cabinet and presidential staff appointments swiftly to bring an end to a power vacuum left by the removal of Park Geun-hye in March in a corruption scandal that rocked South Korea's business and political elite.

Trump Pledges To Move Swiftly To Nominate New FBI Chief

In a sudden move late Tuesday night, Trump fired Comey, who had six more years left in his term. On Twitter, Trump appeared to suggest that if Comey gave his version of contacts between them, the administration might produce tapes of conversations, although it was not clear if such tapes exist.

North Korean missile 'no danger' to Russia: Defence ministry

The North itself would be willing to hold talks with the USA if the conditions are right, according to Choe Son-Hui, a senior official at the North's foreign ministry, on Saturday. North Korea is widely believed to be developing an intercontinental missile tipped with a nuclear weapon that is capable of reaching the United States.

North Korea claims U.S. tried to assassinate Kim Jong

North Korea claims U.S. tried to assassinate Kim Jong

Such an absurd accusation is equivalent to an earlier accusation that the USA dispatched stick bugs into North Korea to destroy the nation's corn crop. North Korea has also repeatedly accused the USA of plotting preemptive nuclear strikes on Pyongyang, practicing dropping nuclear bombs on North Korea with planes which aren't even capable of carrying nuclear devices, and planning a massive invasion of the North.