North Korea Missile Launch A Challenge To South's New Leader

North Korea has also launched satellites into orbit on long-range rockets that share some of the same technology as missiles. The latest test was the North's first launch since a controversial United States missile defence system deployed in the South became operational on May 2.

Trump says 'fast decision' possible on new FBI director

Trump's visible anger and erratic tweets prompted a reporter to ask Spicer on Friday if the president was "out of control". Trump's pick will have to be confirmed by the Senate. Addressing reporters onboard the presidential plan Air Force One, Mr Trump said the selection process would be fast. "You can't be cute about tapes", he said, echoing comments made by Democrat members of the Senate.

With Merkel and PM, France's new president wastes no time

After a formal lunch, Macron will visit Paris's town hall, a traditional stop for any new French president in his "host" city. During the coming five years of his governing term, Macron hopes to draw "one of the most attractive images of our history", in which Europe must be more "efficient" and more "democratic".

Trump tells Abbas 'very good chance' of Israeli-Palestinian peace

The Oslo Accords are a set of agreements between the government of Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO). But he also conceded that a deal "cannot be imposed by the United States or any other nation". Since taking office, Trump has backed away from the pledge while saying he's still discussing it. In February, Trump met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and broke with decades of US policy by signaling he might be open to a one-state solution.

US lawmakers ask Trump to turn over any Comey tapes

US lawmakers ask Trump to turn over any Comey tapes

Associates of fired FBI Director James Comey believe that the former director's first comments on his termination would likely come in an open session before Congress, ABC News has learned. Then on Thursday, in an NBC interview, the US president said he had actually alone made a decision to fire Mr Comey - who he called a "showboat" and "grandstander".