NATO "No Longer Obsolete"

Trump had also previously said the pair met once, a "long time ago". "I believe the Russian behavior requires our solidarity and our strength, in order to preserve principles and fundamentals of democracy", McCain said. On the campaign trail, Trump questioned the modern-day relevance of the military alliance between Western powers. Following the meetings, Tillerson said he told Putin that U.S.

U.S. stock market rallies after French election results

She's raised the Front National (FN) from the fringes with support from young voters and women. She said she was the best ally of France's Jews - because she would protect them against Muslim immigrants. The daughter's political awakening came when she was 8, she has said, after the family's modest apartment was bombed and officials appeared to do little to find the culprit.

President Trump Calls Holocaust Deniers 'Accomplices to Evil'

President Trump Calls Holocaust Deniers 'Accomplices to Evil'

Spicer has since apologized for the comments. During the campaign, Trump tweeted a graphic attacking Hillary Clinton that was circulating online in anti-Semitic circles. Trump told stories of American soldiers liberating death camps, warned against those who would deny the Holocaust and praised survivors who offered hope to the world, including Elie Wiesel, a writer and intellectual who died a year ago.

Locals preparing for Easter with faith and family

Locals preparing for Easter with faith and family

His resurrection proves that the Father was satisfied with his sacrifice, and counted it sufficient for the forgiveness of all our sins. If we had hope only in this life, that indeed would be sad. The Holy Week which began with Palm Sunday on April 9, culminates with the Easter Sunday on April 16. Today we will see the history and noteworthiness of the sacred day Easter.

Reviewing H-1B program too little too late say lawmakers

Since the H-1B visa category does not require the beneficiaries to be the most skilled or the highest paid workforce, it will take congressional intervention in the form of new legislation to change US immigration laws to carry out this request.

Trump's new threat, after lumber tax, on Canadian dairy: 'Watch!'

Trump's softened stance on his border wall highlights a Congress heavily divided along partisan lines and a president who has miscalculated his position, painting himself into a corner with one narrow path to victory and two boulevards leading to defeat.