Air strikes target Islamic State in eastern Syria, kill 23

Air strikes target Islamic State in eastern Syria, kill 23

The Hamimah area is located 90km east of Palmyra near the Deir Ezzor countryside; its proximity to the key town Albukamal makes it an important military endeavor for the US and British troops. Share with Us - We'd love to hear eyewitness accounts, the history behind an article, and smart, constructive criticism. Be proactive - Use the "Flag as Inappropriate" link at the upper right corner of each comment to let us know of abusive posts.

Trump lawyers claim he has no Russian ties, income

With a few exceptions - detailed below your tax returns do not reflect (1) any income of any type from Russian sources.... "I have no investments in Russian Federation, none whatsoever", Trump told NBC News' Lester Holt in an interview Thursday.

N Korea says mid-to-long range missile test a success

And the U.S. rotates heavy bombers, including B-1s, B-2s and B-52s, through the island. It "represents a level of performance never before seen from a North Korean missile", aerospace engineering specialist John Schilling wrote on the respected 38 North website.

Conservative drops out of Iran election to back hard-liner

Conservative drops out of Iran election to back hard-liner

He struck a deal with world powers in 2015 that lifted most worldwide sanctions on Iran, reconnecting it with the global financial system and opening new avenues for foreign investment, in return for curbs to Iran's disputed nuclear program.

Korean gov't computers safe from WannaCry attack

Other reports put that number as high as 200,000. "We're in the face of an escalating threat, the numbers are going up". Ransomwear attacks work by locking the computer and encrypting all the data. German rail operator Deutsche Bahn said some electronic signs at stations announcing arrivals and departures were infected. Still, such figures do not account for lost production at firms like Renault, which on Saturday said it had halted stopped manufacturing at plants in Sandouville, ...

China supportive of Pakistan's stand on Kashmir: Nawaz Sharif

India has been opposed to the inclusion of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) under the OBOR initiative as a part of the project passes through disputed Kashmir region. Pakistan's state-run APP news agency quoted Sharif as saying that both Pakistan and China favoured negotiations with India as the "most viable solution to the Kashmir dispute".