France Links Sarin Gas Used In Syria Attack To Regime

It's one of the largest sanction actions in USA history. The attacks came a day after Turkey conducted air strikes on Kurdish rebel positions in Syria and Iraq. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia's position on the attack is "unchanged", and that "that the only way to establish the truth about what happened...

North Korea stages drill, U.S. sub docks in South

Meanwhile, top nuclear envoys from Japan, South Korea and the United States met Tuesday in Tokyo and vowed "stern action" against any fresh North Korean provocations. The statement said that Seoul and Washington have been pushing to get THAAD working soon to cope with North Korea's advancing nuclear and missile threats.

President Donald Trump Signs Executive Order to Refine the Tax System

President Donald Trump has offered us a little hint into the tax reform plan he wants to unveil on Wednesday. The Ryan-Brady plan proposed a 20-percent corporate tax rate. Importantly, the Trump plan was not expected to include any specific proposals for raising new revenues to offset revenue losses that would result from tax cuts.

President's executive order threatens future of national monuments

Earlier this year, Patagonia, REI and other companies pressured the association to pull its annual trade show out of Salt Lake City in protest of Utah officials' stance on protecting public lands. The order may not rescind the monuments entirely, but could shrink their boundaries or open them up for development or further use than what's now allowed.

Threat of United States govt shutdown ebbs as Trump relents on wall funding

Just how the president plans to exactly do that is another matter. In comments later confirmed by a White House official, Trump told a group of conservative journalists during a private meeting Monday that he could wait until September to reconsider funding for construction of the wall.