Activist resigns after congressman writes letter to employer

Activist resigns after congressman writes letter to employer

A New Jersey Congressman called an activist a "ringleader" of opposition to him in a fundraising letter to the constituent's employer, which ultimately led to her resignation. In Frelinghuysen's letter, he writes that there are "organized forces-both national and local-who are already hard at work to put a stop to an agenda of limited government, economic growth, and stronger national security" before asking for a donation two years before he is up for re-election.

China's Xi outlines plans for wide cooperation in trade plan

India skipped the meeting due to its sovereignty concerns over the Dollars 50 billion CPEC, which passes through PoK. The two-day meeting included President Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation and Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, along with the presidents or prime ministers of Italy, Hungary and Greece, as well as most of China's Asian neighbors.

China, South Korea presidents discuss nuclear issue

Moon has said he would "go to Pyongyang if conditions are met" during his inaugural address, and had proposed the reopening of a jointly operated factory park in the right circumstances. The policy called for closer bilateral ties between Seoul and Pyongyang and encouraged cross-border cooperation. Moon Jae-in believes that some existing books reflected left-leaning ideologies and propagated pro-North Korea principles.

Trump's lawyer defends posting photo of daughter in lingerie

Trump's lawyer defends posting photo of daughter in lingerie

Some Twitter users responded to the post by calling it inappropriate . A proud father doting over his attractive daughter is drawing the ire of many a social media user. Sedgwick, the fashion icon and party girl from California, died in 1971. In spite of his replies , the tweets just kept pouring in on Sunday night.

China pledges to invest $124bn in projects under Belt and Road scheme

Chinese officials have said previously that "Belt and Road" is purely commercial, but Xi's comments Sunday indicated a broad array of regulatory and other coordination that may have far-reaching consequences. "Under the current global framework, the U.S. is leading worldwide organizations like the United Nations , the World Bank, and the worldwide Monetary Fund", read a commentary (link in Chinese) in Xiakedao, a WeChat account run by the People's Daily.

Angela Merkel's CDU 'seizes key state from rivals'

The SPD have now lost three regional elections to the CDU. An election in Germany's most populous state is serving as a prelude to September's national vote. "The numbers speak for themselves and Armin Laschet is totally right that something must be done". The conservatives are running on a platform of beefing up security - raising prison terms for offenders and providing more funds for the police and security forces.