U.S. intercepted messages about chemical attack in Syria

Tillerson held tense meetings on Wednesday in Moscow with Lavrov and Russian President Vladimir Putin, their first face-to-face encounters since Donald Trump became president in January. However, this appears impossible with the recent confrontations between the countries over Syria, and the ongoing investigations of Russia's alleged interference in the U.S.

Paris shooting: Everything we know the morning after the deadly attack

Meanwhile, IS identified the attacker as Abu-Yusuf al-Baljiki, in a statement carried by its Amaq news outlet. Hollande said he was convinced the attack was "terrorist-related", adding that the security forces had the full support of the nation and a national tribute would be paid to the fallen policeman.

United CEO felt 'ashamed' by video as Christie asks to

United CEO felt 'ashamed' by video as Christie asks to

United Airlines sought to quell the uproar over a man being dragged off a plane by announcing on Tuesday that it would no longer ask police to remove passengers from full flights and would compensate customers who were on the flight when the man was removed.

Pence reaffirms US-Australia alliance, to honour refugee deal

Pence reaffirms US-Australia alliance, to honour refugee deal

Vice-President Pence also confirmed the United States would honour the refugee deal that sparked the infamous phone call between Mr Turnbull and President Trump earlier in the year. Beyond the refugee deal, Pence and Turnbull said they had discussed issues including the North Korea crisis, the situation in the South China Sea and the strengthening of bilateral trade between the two countries.

Venezuela shop owner says looting like 'war'

The opposition said they have no intention of pulling back on protests demanding new elections that were triggered when the government-stacked Supreme Court three weeks ago gutted congress of its last vestiges of power, a move that was later reversed amid a storm of worldwide criticism.

Afghan officials: Gunmen attacked army base, 100 casualties

Dawlat Waziri said: "Taliban ... attacked the mosque at the 209-Shaheen Corps when majority of the soldiers were performing Friday prayers, more than 100 soldiers have either embraced martyrdom or got wounded". In a message posted on Twitter , he said the assailants were led by four soldiers, who were Taleban sympathisers, inside the base. The number of attackers was said to be between eight and 10.