Kejriwal's wife slams Kapil Mishra

Mishra was admitted to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in Delhi and tweeted that he had to break his fast as the doctors would not discharge him unless he started consuming liquids. "She is fulfilling her duties", the former minister - sacked by Kejriwal last week - said on Twitter . He added that he was ready to listen to whatever Sunita Kejriwal had to tell him and that he would never say anything against her.

Qalibaf Drops Out of Iran Presidential Race

Qalibaf Drops Out of Iran Presidential Race

With Qalibaf dropping out, there are now five candidates contesting, though others may choose to drop out in the coming days. He launched brutal tirades against Mr Rouhani and his reformist allies in televised debates between the presidential candidates, accusing them of corruption and failing to support the poor.

Putin undecided which song to play when he meets Trump

At a news briefing in Beijing, where he is attending an worldwide conference, Putin was asked how confident he was that the agreement between Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia would bring stability to world oil prices. "I want to confirm that we are categorically against the expansion of the club of nuclear powers, including with the Korean Peninsula and North Korea, ' said Putin, who said any such move would be 'harmful and dangerous".

Mother's Day 2017: History, Facts & Traditions

Mother's Day 2017: History, Facts & Traditions

Mother's Day is approaching on Sunday May 14th, which means that you have limited time to give your mom the best gift ever. I believe in love at the first sight for you are the first person I saw when I opened my eyes and have loved you since that day dear mum.

200000 groups hit by ransomware in 150 countries, says Europol

But the researcher's actions may have saved companies and governments millions of dollars and slowed the outbreak before computers in the US were more widely affected. But while FedEx Corp. reported that its Windows computers were "experiencing interference" from malware - it wouldn't say if it had been hit by the ransomware - other impacts in the USA were not readily apparent on Saturday.

Ex-French PM Valls Wants to Be Majority Candidate at Legislative Election

Mr Macron has promised that half of those candidates will be new to elected politics, as he was before his victory on Sunday. Francois Baroin, head of the Republicans' parliamentary election team, said on Tuesday they would abandon key proposals that their unsuccessful presidential candidate, Francois Fillon, stood for.