Pak accuses India on Jadhav's conviction

A military court charged Jadhav on April 11 under the Pakistan Army Act 1952 and the Official Secrets Act 1923, both of which provide for the death penalty. Islamabad has repeatedly turned down New Delhi's request for consular access to Jadhav who is jailed in Pakistan and has been convicted of charges of subversion and espionage and given death sentence by a military court last month .

Putin and Trump to meet in Hamburg in July

Putin and Trump to meet in Hamburg in July

Comey was in charge of an investigation into Trump's alleged links with officials of this nation that the FBI considered could have a negative impact on the White House's performance, all amid Moscow's denials. "I was scanned, patted down, and then sniffed by canines", Scherbak wrote. A spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that a meeting between Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.S.

US Senator Calls for China Sanctions After North Korea Missile Test

And it also lifts scientists in the authoritarian nation who are working to build an arsenal of missiles with nuclear warheads that can reach the US mainland. "The president said we are leaving open the possibility of dialogue with North Korea, but we should sternly deal with a provocation to prevent North Korea from miscalculating".

Belt and Road needs to reject protectionism: Xi Jinping

Beijing is seeking to cement its trade relations in Asia, Africa, and Europe through the summit, but some fear that these new Silk Roads serve the interests of Chinese exporters above all. "We need to seek win-win results through greater openness and cooperation, avoid fragmentation, refrain from setting inhibitive thresholds for cooperation or pursuing exclusive arrangements and reject protectionism".

North Korea missile test is huge step forward

Outsiders also saw a significant technological jump, with the test-fire apparently flying higher and for a longer time period than any other such previous missile. In Seoul, some citizens expressed frustration. The test gives a boost to leader Kim Jong Un as he seeks to show his people that he's standing up to America and South Korea.

New cyber chaos appears to have been avoided, says Europol

Employees found their files had been encrypted, no longer readable, with hackers demanding $300 in ransom to decode them or they'd be destroyed. The United States suffered relatively few effects from the ransomware that appeared on tens of thousands of computer systems across Europe and into Asia, beginning Friday.