Germany, France Plan Roadmap to Develop EU

The 39-year-old former investment banker meets Merkel a day after her conservatives won a regional vote in Germany's most populous state, boosting her quest for a fourth term in office after a national election due on September 24. Mr Macron's first week in office will be busy. Mr Macron will also have to name his prime minister and form a government in the next few days. Later this afternoon, Macron will travel to Berlin to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel, maintaining a French ...

New cyber chaos appears to have been avoided in Europe: Europol

Who perpetrated this wave of attacks remains unknown. Chinese internet security company Qihoo360 said Saturday that a large number of colleges and students in the country had been affected by the ransomware , which is also referred to as WannaCrypt .

North Korea says missile test aimed at carrying large nuclear warhead

The North's state-run news agency reported Monday that it had successfully tested a new ground-to-ground "medium long-range" ballistic rocket that could carry a heavy nuclear warhead. He was quoted as saying: "the most ideal weapon systems in the world will never become the eternal exclusive property of the U.S. while saying Washington should not disregard or misjudge the reality that its mainland and Pacific operation region are in (North Korea's) sighting range for strike".

North Korea claims long-range missile can carry heavy nuke

While North Korea regularly tests shorter-range missiles, it is also working to master the technology needed to field nuclear-tipped missiles that can reach the U.S. Uruguay holds the council presidency this month and its U.N. Mission announced the closed consultations will be held on Tuesday afternoon. Experts have said the sanctions have been largely ineffective because North Korea still has trade and investment with China and Russian Federation.

At least nine killed by storms, flooding in South and Midwest

At least nine killed by storms, flooding in South and Midwest

Four people died in tornadoes in Texas on Saturday. Canton mayor Lou Ann Everett said at a news conference: It is heartbreaking and upsetting to say the least. Reuters reported that at least five people were killed in tornadoes that struck the USA state of Texas . Authorities say he slipped and was swept away.