Don't click: What is the 'ransomware' WannaCry worm?

Don't click: What is the 'ransomware' WannaCry worm?

Economic experts offered differing views on how much the attack, and associated computer outages, would cost businesses and governments. But he also placed fault in national governments. While now on the decline, WannaCrypt could still pose a potential threat to users who have not updated their systems to patch the vulnerability, which affects older versions of Microsoft Windows.

International Court of Justice to hear Kulbhushan Jadhav case on May 15

According to a statement issued by ICJ on Tuesday , India filed a petition with the court urging it to suspend Jadhav's sentence and declare that it was arrived at " in brazen defiance of Vienna Convention rights ". "Visas applied by family members to visit Jadhav in Pakistan to pursue the matter have not been granted so far", he said. Indian authorities say they learned of his March arrest through a press release almost three weeks later and were refused consular access 13 times, in ...

At least 5 candidates for FBI director in line for interviews

Meanwhile, a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released on Sunday found that 29 percent of Americans approve of Trump's decision to fire Comey, while 38 percent disapprove. He's viewed even senior advisers suspiciously, including Bannon and Priebus, when stories about internal White House drama land in the press. More to the point, nominating someone like Christie, Giuliani, or Gowdy wouldn't just be a fuck you to critics of the Trump administration; it would be a body blow to the perception that ...

President Trump is making it hard for his defenders

All statements from the White House and its allies had been definitively debunked by the president himself, to the point where Trump is now claiming that it is "not possible" for his surrogates to accurately reflect his positions. Norm Eisen, a former ethics lawyer for the Barack Obama administration, says the existence of recordings means they can be targeted by Congress and that White House officials should be aware of the need to save any that have been made.

Patients asked to use services 'wisely — NHS cyber-attack

Most stations had recovered. The anonymous specialist, known only as MalwareTech, is said to have prevented more than 100,000 computers across the globe from being infected. A report in The Guardian yesterday said the attack had hit systems in 99 countries. A huge extortion cyber attack had hit dozens of nations on Saturday, holding computer data for ransom at hospitals, telecommunications firms and other companies.

Deconstructing Comey's testimony on Clinton emails

Deconstructing Comey's testimony on Clinton emails

Patrick Leahy, D-Vt. Both Democrats and Republicans have attacked Comey for speaking in 2016, while President Trump praised him and called him "the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton". "You should not offer that in the absence of broader strategic framework to try to get China, Japan, Russia , South Korea, to put the kind of pressure on the regime that will finally bring them to the negotiating table with some kind of realistic prospect for change", Clinton said.