North Korea detention of fourth United States citizen 'concerning' - White House

North Korea announced Sunday it has detained a fourth USA citizen over unspecified hostile acts against the country - the second American detention announced this week. The Russian far east is one of the main places where North Korean laborers are allowed to work overseas. "So I have no idea why they detained him". The article claimed Kim Jong-un's army is poised to annihilate the USA with "guns leveled at detestable targets".

Trump thinks he could have averted the Civil War

Taking a stab at revisionist history, President Trump said in an interview Monday that he thinks former President Andrew Jackson would have been able to prevent the Civil War. Jackson was the seventh president, serving from 1829 to 1837. During his time in office, Jackson denounced the growing activity of abolitionists seeking an end to slavery.

US to seek social media info from some visa applicants

US to seek social media info from some visa applicants

If the changes are approved by the Office of Management and Budget, an estimated 65,000 people who apply for visas would have to provide "all prior passport numbers, five years' worth of social media handles, email addresses and phone numbers, as well as 15 years of biographical information when applying for a US visa".

BC Election 2017: 4 Liberal ministers unseated

Horgan did an wonderful job despite being discounted by many commentators - bringing the NDP tantalizingly close to a majority government and still on the brink of possibly becoming premier. It has been a big night for the Green Party picking up a couple seats on the Island. "British Columbians voted today for proportional representation".

Morrison flags foreign worker levy in 2017 Federal Budget

Morrison flags foreign worker levy in 2017 Federal Budget

Where once the Budget night catch phrase was "sharing the wealth", in recent years it's been "budget repair" and, as Joe Hockey found in 2014, getting it wrong can have devastating political consequences. While Morrison has cautioned the banks that their customers "already don't like them", telling them to "prove (the customers) wrong and pony up to help fix the budget", bankers have warned the government that it was likely that the levy will be passed onto customers.

ICJ hearing on Kulbhushan Jadhav's death sentence from Monday

India was forced to move the court, despite being a nation abhorring any third party intervention in its global disputes, as a last resort, after a fruitful settlement on Jadhav looked remote. India referred to the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations when it approached the ICJ, saying Pakistan had rejected 16 requests for consular access to Jadhav after Islamabad claimed he was arrested in Balochistan province in March past year.