Honor Mom on her day

Honor Mom on her day

As the poet Robert Browning put it "Motherhood: All love begins and ends there". I take this opportunity to thank you for your immeasurable contribution to my life. I believe that's true , not just for the effect we have on our children when they are small, but because mothering never ends. Give her a gift or take her out to eat for appreciation, because God gave you a gift-your mother to love until God takes her home to heaven.

USA hands Arctic Council gavel over to Finland

Tillerson's signature took some State Department officials aback because he's yet to give any indication as to whether the us will stay in the Paris pact, Reuters news agency reported , citing an anonymous source at the department. Ministers also signed the Fairbanks Declaration, which reviews the work of the Council during the outgoing U.S. Chairmanship and provides guidance for the Council's work during the incoming Finnish Chairmanship.

Netanyahu: Abbas lied to Trump

The senior adviser, however, said that Trump's invitation to Abbas was a good starting point between the Palestinian Authority and the new United States administration and expressed his appreciation for the respectful approach of the president in an attempt to renew the peace process.

Australia could ban laptops on worldwide flights

Australia could ban laptops on worldwide flights

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has indicated Australia may follow the lead of the United States and ban passengers from bringing laptop computers into the cabin on certain global flights. "We are looking at it very closely", Turnbull said. "If there's no specific threat or risk, then they've got to carefully examine it - is the measure just going to cost hundreds of millions of dollars and not have any fundamental additional impact on security?" The Turnbull Government is considering ...

Hackers used stolen NSA methods in massive, worldwide ransomware attack

United Kingdom security researcher "MalwareTech", who helped to limit the ransomware attack, predicted "another one coming... quite likely on Monday". By paying about $10 to acquire the domain name, the researcher was able to thwart the malware. As terrifying as the unprecedented global "ransomware" attack was, cybersecurity experts say it's nothing compared to what might be coming - especially if companies, organisations and governments don't make major fixes.

Tories in strong United Kingdom local poll gains

The ruling Conservative Party seems to be gaining local council seats according to preliminary resul. "... as the local elections showed, they are ... Tories were celebrating historic gains across the country, picking up more than 450 councillors and gaining control of 10 authorities as they made deep inroads into parts of Scotland and Wales which had been no-go areas for a generation.