10 takeaways from Donald Trump's Republican Convention

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has officially accepted his party's backing to take on presumptive rival Hillary Clinton. "Remember", Trump said toward the end of his 77-minute speech", all of the people telling you you can't have the country you want are the same people who said , 'Trump doesn't have a chance of being here tonight.

Black Lives Matter March in Rockford also Protests Police Killings

Signs listing the names of black people they believe have been killed unjustly by police officers. "Sometimes when were holding this Black Lives Matter marches..." Syracuse Common Councilor Khalid Bey said he gives credit to the protesters, mayor and police for keeping the peace.

Clinton and Kaine to debut as Democratic ticket in Florida

His selection completes the line-up for the general election. "She delivers in the tough times ", he said of Clinton. Still, Kaine scored 90 percent on the 2014 Americans for Democratic Action scorecard , the most recent ratings by the liberal group.

Armenian President Urges Gunmen to Release Hostages

Armenian President Urges Gunmen to Release Hostages

The president of Armenia on Friday called on the gunmen holding hostages in a police station in the capital to lay down arms and release the four police officers they are holding as the tense standoff stretched into its sixth day. He was arrested for illegally purchasing and storing weapons. Another source familiar with those negotiations that the agreement on the hostages' release was reached at a secret meeting between the two leaders of the gunmen and the NSS director, Georgi Kutoyan.

Funerals begin for 3 slain Baton Rouge officers

Chaplains with the Jackson Police Department are showing their support for the officers. Some conservatives say there's a "war on cops" and are demanding a return to "law and order", while many liberals believe there's a police war on minorities and have led protests that sometimes look more like riots.

Washington GOP head slams Cruz, upsetting some in delegation

Washington GOP head slams Cruz, upsetting some in delegation

But did Trump put Cruz on stage for all this knowing full well there would not be an endorsement? If Georgia's delegation is any indication, Cruz won't get a very warm welcome. He also declared that, two days after Cruz was loudly booed at the Republican National Convention for not endorsing the new nominee, he would never accept the Texas senator's backing.