China Concludes Silk Forum with Development Consensus

CPEC is in national interest of all the countries in the region. To be sure, China remains the world's biggest polluter, followed by the U.S. The country emits roughly 29 percent of the planet's man-made carbon emissions, which trap heat from the sun in the atmosphere and cause the planet to warm.

China: Xi invites all to benefit from new Silk Road schemes

The world must promote the multilateral trade system, the establishment of free trade regions, and the facilitation of free trade, he added. A SENIOR official with China's central bank said yesterday that the decision to inject capital into the Silk Road Fund stemmed from an enormous demand for funds.

Talks to form new Dutch ruling coalition collapse

Talks to form new Dutch ruling coalition collapse

Schippers told reporters at a surprise press conference that she has already informed King Willem-Alexander of the failure of the talks, and would prepare a report to go before the new parliament. "We gave it all", Greens leader Jesse Klaver said on Twitter, expressing his disappointment about the failed talks. But it's unlikely Wilders's PVV, the acronym for which the political party is known in Dutch, will govern because most parties, including Rutte's Liberals, ruled out pairing up with the ...

Americans Are Divided About President Trump's Decision to Fire James Comey

The firing drew a wave of criticism in large part because the FBI has been investigating whether election meddling by Russian Federation involved people in Trump's presidential campaign, and Trump said in an interview with NBC that the investigation factored into his decision to fire Comey.

PNG to shut parts of Manus Island detention centre 'within weeks'

PNG to shut parts of Manus Island detention centre 'within weeks'

Papua New Guinea immigration officials on Monday reportedly told refugees that an area of the Manus camp would close on Sunday, with the rest of the compound to be shut on June 30. Mr Dutton has repeatedly said PNG soldiers opened fire on the centre because they were concerned about the welfare of a young boy who was allegedly led into the compound.

Trump revealed classified information to Russian Federation during recent meeting — WaPost

In other words, the Post report is another shot fired in the internecine war within the American state apparatus, initially focused on foreign policy, particularly in relation to Syria and Russian Federation, but more generally provoked by the personalist, authoritarian character of the Trump administration, and Trump's role as a loose cannon in both domestic and foreign policy.