French presidential election at 2030 ET

Emmanuel Macron, a centrist politician who's never held elective office, and Marine Le Pen , the far-right firebrand who wants to take France out of the European Union, are expected to advance to next month's run-off for the presidency of the country, according to official results.

How to watch Barack Obama's first post-White House speech

The University of Chicago will also house his future presidential library , to be built in nearby Jackson Park - both conveniently located near the Obama family's home in the Kenwood neighborhood. Obama remains stubbornly committed to the idea that there is only one president at a time . On Monday, Obama will participate in a town-hall-style event at the University of Chicago .

Turkey set for watershed poll on expanding Erdogan powers

Turkey set for watershed poll on expanding Erdogan powers

These concerns escalated in the aftermath of the attempted coup in July, which saw a mass crackdown on opposition figures including teachers, journalists and civil servants deemed sympathetic to Kurdish separatism and self-exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen , who Ankara says masterminded the coup.

Baswedan claims Jakarta in election

With polls showing a tight race between the two candidates and religious tensions running high, both camps have reasons to be anxious. Although Purnama apologised for passing offending remarks, he denied committing blasphemy. The governor is on trial over blasphemy charges after an edited version of comments he made at a November rally went viral on Indonesian social media.

Iranian nuclear deal faces threats

By design, the nuclear deal does not address those Western grievances, meaning that Iran can be in compliance even as it violates United Nations resolutions and remains a USA -designated state sponsor of terrorism. "We will help it be strong, and it's very much to everybody's advantage", Trump said. He pointed to sections that require U.S. government officials to "make every effort to support the successful implementation of this JCPOA including in their public statements" and to refrain ...