N. Korea's missile test challenges South

In Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jinping told his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin that their countries are both playing an "important role as a balancing power" in world affairs by seeking a peaceful way out for of the crises in Syria and the Korean Peninsula.

White House doesn't deny Trump recording conversations

White House doesn't deny Trump recording conversations

CNN said Comey is "not anxious about any tapes" Trump may have, citing an unnamed source familiar with the matter. A few minutes later, Time's Zeke Miller returned to the question: "Is [Trump] now recording conversations taking place in the Oval Office?" Trump's nominee must be confirmed in the Senate, where Democrats and some Republicans have fiercely criticized Comey's firing.

Parents Cheer Planned Return to School of 24 Chibok Girls in Nigeria

She added that photos of the 82 girls have been sent to families in Chibok for identification even as she added that families were now meeting to identify their daughters. "When we asked them if they wanted to go home for Easter ... they are still scared and they said they don't want to go back". She denied reports that the young women were being held against their will and said they were free to leave the centre.

Korea capable of intercepting N. Korean missiles: Pentagon

It means the missile itself could have not only Guam but also Alaska within range if launched from the North's east coast. North Korea's latest ballistic missile test may be almost as big a deal as its propaganda machine claims. But the system might be adapted to provide it, in time, with an intercontinental ballistic missile that could strike the United States. North Korea says Sunday's launch was of a new type of "medium long-range" ballistic rocket that can carry a heavy nuclear warhead.

Putin explains how Russian Federation is going to deal with Arctic development

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is never hesitant to disply his passion for the outdoors, showed his softer side on May 14, after he sat down to play the piano during his official visit to China. Putin, a 64-year-old former KGB spy has demonstrated his skills on the piano in the past, although he has mostly cultivated a more macho image. The Russian leader said he thought such an approach was possible because of what he called "the positive experience" of holding talks with Pyongyang ...

Syria is burning bodies to hide proof of mass killings

Washington's information came from credible humanitarian agencies and from the U.S. "intelligence community" and that as many as 50 people per day are thought to be hanged at Saydnaya. Mr Jones said the Syrian government had modified a building within the Saydnaya complex "to support" the suspected crematorium. Once detained, prisoners are often beaten, tortured , electrocuted and raped , officials said.