Conservatives make strong gains in United Kingdom local votes

The Conservatives have made gains while nearly all the other parties have lost ground. Conservatives have made historic advances in local elections across the United Kingdom, gaining more than 500 councillors, winning tightly-fought battles for elected mayors in the West Midlands and Tees Valley and forcing Labour into third place in its former stronghold of Scotland .

North Korea reports on South Korea's presidential election after two-day delay

The millennial generation, struggling to find jobs and housing, embodies a populist frustration not unlike that which catapulted Emanuel Macron to power in France on May 7. The real irony of the situation lies in the fact that South Koreans perceive Trump as more of a "wildcard" threat than North Korea does, Lee pointed out.

Dumfries and Galloway NHS hit in cyber attack

The attacks exploit a vulnerability in outdated versions of Microsoft Windows that is particularly problematic for corporations that don't automatically update their systems. "Because they could have done something ages ago to get this problem fixed, and they didn't do it". Nissan Motor Co. confirmed Monday some units had been targeted, but there was no major impact on its business.

UN Security Council condemns North Korea missiles tests

The summit, in Sicily, is May 26-27. South Korea's unification ministry spokesman Lee Duk-haeng said Monday Seoul called on Pyongyang to cease engaging in provocations. And the White House says the latest "provocation" should serve as a call for all nations to implement far stronger sanctions against the North. "It's a challenging form of technology, and there's no indication yet in the public realm that North Korea has it", Martin Navias from the Center for Defense Studies at Kings ...

New French prime minister took job because of 'unique' situation

New French prime minister took job because of 'unique' situation

Merkel said that Germany needs France to succeed, emphasizing that "Europe will only do well if there is a strong France". Macron, 39, who was sworn in as French president on Sunday, is the youngest French President in France's history and the youngest leader since Napoleon.

Worldwide ransomware cyberattacks: What we know

The "Wannacry" malware virus exploits a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows software, taking over computers and demanding a payment of $300 (£232) in the virtual currency Bitcoin to unlock files and return them to the user. In the USA, where the effects haven't appeared to be widespread, investigators believe additional companies have been attacked but have not yet come forward to report it, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press .