Trump warns Comey over leaks to media — Federal Bureau of Investigation chief sacking

Comey's dismissal has already been compared to Nixon's sacking of a special prosecutor dealing with the case in what is now remembered as the Saturday Night Massacre. Trump also threatened to cancel the daily news briefing at the White House, a longstanding practice, as he tried to assume control of the media coverage of Comey's firing for reasons that have continued to shift and change, reflecting a White House in complete chaos.

Red Sox issue lifetime ban to fan who used racial slur

Red Sox issue lifetime ban to fan who used racial slur

Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter, center, stands between Adam Jones and home plate umpire Sam Holbrook (34) after Jones was ejected arguing a strikeout during the fifth inning of a baseball game at Fenway Park in Bosto. "I lost my respect for that organization", Machado said. "We have to recognize that this exists in our culture". Hennick said he didn't feel like the experience soured him on the ballpark or the city.

Trump 'raises concerns' with Abbas on prisoner payments

Later, during a working lunch with the USA and Palestinian delegations, Mr. Trump said the solution to peace is "something that I think is, frankly, maybe not as hard as people have thought over the years". "It's time for Israel to end its occupation of our people and of our land", he said. Israel rejects the 1967 lines as a possible border, saying it would impose grave security risks.

Conservatives make strong gains in United Kingdom local votes

The Conservatives have made gains while nearly all the other parties have lost ground. Conservatives have made historic advances in local elections across the United Kingdom, gaining more than 500 councillors, winning tightly-fought battles for elected mayors in the West Midlands and Tees Valley and forcing Labour into third place in its former stronghold of Scotland .

North Korea reports on South Korea's presidential election after two-day delay

The millennial generation, struggling to find jobs and housing, embodies a populist frustration not unlike that which catapulted Emanuel Macron to power in France on May 7. The real irony of the situation lies in the fact that South Koreans perceive Trump as more of a "wildcard" threat than North Korea does, Lee pointed out.