Trump advisers: U.S. seeks to fight IS and oust Syria's Assad

Trump advisers: U.S. seeks to fight IS and oust Syria's Assad

In a statement released Friday, the British government said the attack was an "appropriate gesture" to the Bashar Assad regime's "barbaric" chemical attack . Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said the cancellation meant Boris had "revealed himself to be a poodle of Washington , having his diary managed from across the pond".

Government willing to sell stake in RBS at a loss, says Chancellor

Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc was upgraded to "buy" by analysts at Berenberg Bank. Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc ( LON:RBS ) opened at 224.50 on Tuesday. While looking at the Stock's Performance, The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc now shows a Weekly Performance of -4.55%, where Monthly Performance is -2.25%, Quarterly performance is 4.62%, 6 Months performance is 29.52% and yearly performance percentage is -14.11%.

North Korea threatens 'all out war'

In early March, the North simultaneously fired four ballistic missiles off its east coast, three of which fell provocatively close to Japan, in what it said was a drill for an attack on United States bases in the country. It is true that China's currency manipulation has been harmful to some US businesses and workers. Both sides said they do not expect the talks in Tokyo this week to delve into sector-by-sector talks on trade.

North Korea: 'Whatever comes, we will handle it'

This Saturday is the birthday of the nation's founder Kim Il-sung, furthering the speculation that President Kim is planning another show of his country's power. website 38North describing its Punggye-ri test site as "primed and ready" and White House officials saying military options were "already being assessed".

CORRECTED: Seven migrants confirmed dead in Mediterranean rescue

A migrant carries her baby on board a rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) of the Malta-based NGO Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) during a rescue operation from a wooden boat in the central Mediterranean in global waters off the coast of Sabratha in Libya, April 15.

Trump calls Erdogan to congratulate him on referendum win

Although Turkey's three largest cities - Istanbul , Izmir and the capital Ankara - all voted "no" against the reforms, Erdogan was very successful in more rural parts of the country. "We will continue down our road", he said. "In general, the referendum did not live up to Council of Europe standards". "We will not make you president" and "We are shoulder to shoulder against fascism", the protesters in Kadikoy chanted, as they marched towards the offices of the Supreme Election ...