Chinese taxpayers have most to fear on Silk Road

Meanwhile, a Chinese daily said India's absence at the summit was regrettable and called New Delhi as "nervous and anxious". China's offer of 60 billion yuan ($8.7 billion) in financial assistance through free aid and loans without interest will help participants of the Belt and Road Initiative meet their target for sustainable development, the Ministry of Commerce said on Monday.

Syria conducting mass executions, burning the bodies, US says

The Trump administration is accusing the Syrian government of carrying out mass killings of thousands of prisoners and burning the dead bodies. The U.S. The allegations also surfaced as momentum builds on several court cases being prepared in Europe in an attempt to hold Syrian government officials accountable for war crimes.

Russia, Saudi call for oil output deal extension

While it was broadly expected that OPEC and Russian Federation would agree to extend the cut, the timing and wording of the statement sent crude prices up more than 1.5 percent in Asian trading. US crude rose by $1.43 to $49.26. Shale production in the United States has rocketed due to improved financial situations brought on by the oil price recovery.

World Leaders Condemn North Korea Missile Test

South Korean Defence Minister Han Min-koo told parliament Sunday's test-launch was "successful in flight". Had the mid-range missile been fired towards a real target at a normal trajectory , experts told Reuters it could have reached as far as 4,000km, potentially putting the U.S.

Latest North Korean Launch Involves Liquid Fuel Single-Stage Missile

Russian President Vladimir Putin greets World War II veterans at Moscow's Red Square during a Victory Day parade on May 9. Why does this test matter? The rocket was intentionally launched at a steep angle and reached an altitude of 1,312 miles, the country's official KCNA news agency said Monday.

Pope leads thousands in prayer at Portugal shrine

Pope leads thousands in prayer at Portugal shrine

The alleged apparitions, seen only by the trio, were followed by odd phenomena on October 13, 1917, when some 70,000 onlookers waiting for a sign of the Virgin are said to have seen the sun dancing in the sky. The Pope said an investigation under way by the Church had thrown up doubts regarding the Medjugorje apparitions. Then, in clear and uncompromising words, he reminded everyone that "a great injustice is done to God's grace whenever we say that sins are punished by his judgment, without ...