Chargesheet filed in Najeeb Ahmed ransom case

Chargesheet filed in Najeeb Ahmed ransom case

The bench of Justices G S Sistani and Rekha Palli said a DIG will investigate into the matter, though several such cases in the past to CBI too elicited little progress. The ABVP, however, has denied any involvement in his disappearance. Next hearing in the matter is on July 17. Now she is seeking the dismantling of the SIT and the setting up of an independent SIT of police officers from outside Delhi.

Venezuelans again shut down capital to protest government

Thousands of protesters hauled folding chairs, beach umbrellas and coolers onto main roads across Venezuela on Monday for another national demonstration against the socialist government. Venezuela announced in late April that it would be leaving the OAS, which seeks to defend democracy throughout the hemisphere, and its representative was not present at Monday's meeting.

Police search garages for body of schoolgirl Danielle Jones

Police search garages for body of schoolgirl Danielle Jones

Essex Police are now beginning a search at a garage block in Stifford Clays, Thurrock, after receiving information. Police have yet to establish why the area was not searched in 2001 - when the 15-year-old disappeared - despite "non-specific" information being received.

Clapper says Trump weakening U.S. institutions

Just weeks ago, McFarland, who has since been forced out of the White House and will reportedly be named the US ambassador to Singapore, gave Trump a printout of a fake Time magazine cover from the 1970s that warned of an imminent ice age - a hoax image widely circulated on Internet message boards - along with a Time magazine cover from 2008 about global warming, Politico reported .

U.S. says Syrians built crematorium at prison to dispose of bodies

The comments followed a uniquely horrifying briefing by the State Department's top Middle East diplomat, who laid out a devastating list of alleged regime atrocities over the past six years of the Syrian civil war. Jones clarified that they had not shared this information with the Russians nor does he claim that Russia or Iran is directly involved. In overhead photographs passed out by the State Department, the documented evidence of the gradual construction of a facility outside the main ...

Russia: Syrian Safe Zones Plan Comes Into Effect

Mohammed Rasheed, a spokesman for the Jaish al-Nasr rebel group, said Russian Federation was "merely playing political games" and "making declarations". In Idlib province in particular, Fateh al Sham is a leading and powerful component of the opposition forces controlling the region, and a key ally for other rebel groups against the regime.