State Department: Assad's regime built crematorium to burn bodies of executed prisoners

The allegation matches an Amnesty International report released in February which claimed up to 13,000 people - mostly civilians opposed to the government - have been hanged in secret at the prison, according to Daily Mail . Moscow, along with Iran, is Syria's main foreign backer and Washington believes Russian pressure is the only thing that will compel Assad to negotiate a peace deal.

Kim Jong-un Claims New Missile Can Reach Mainland US

A South Korean army soldier walks by a TV news program showing a file image of missiles being test-launched by North Korea, at the Seoul Railway Station in Seoul , South Korea, May 14, 2017. New sanctions were expected to be discussed at a closed council meeting today, the diplomats said, speaking on condition of anonymity because talks have been private.

Ransomware Attack Could Herald Future Problems

Once inside the targeted network, so-called ransomware made use of recently revealed spy tools to silently infect other out-of-date machines without any human intervention. "We weren't able to ingest the threat vector, which was probably an email that contained this malicious code in it, or a link to malicious code, and as a effect we were probably better protected than our European cousins".

Expert finds more North Korea links in ransomware attack

Expert finds more North Korea links in ransomware attack

Meanwhile, the White House said on Monday that less than $70,000 has been paid in the ransomware attack globally. "We are really drilling down on what it means". Finally, if the plan was simply to make money, it's been pretty unsuccessful on that front too - only around United States dollars 60,000 has been paid in ransoms, according to analysis of Bitcoin accounts being used by the criminals.

What Donald Trump, Moon Jae-in Could Likely Discuss When They Meet

What Donald Trump, Moon Jae-in Could Likely Discuss When They Meet

President Moon Jae-in and his US counterpart Donald Trump in a phone conversation Wednesday vowed to meet as early as possible to discuss North Korea and other pending issues. Left-leaning Moon Jae-In, a former human rights lawyer, backs engagement with North Korea in the quest for peace - in contrast to the threatening rhetoric from the Trump administration in recent weeks.

United Nations condemns North Korea new missile test

North Korean propaganda must be considered with wariness, but Monday's claim, if confirmed, would mark another big advance toward the North's goal of fielding a nuclear-tipped missile capable of reaching the USA mainland. However, the missile test throws those suggestions into doubt. Kim warned that the USA mainland is in "sighting range for a strike" and that North Korea "has all-powerful means for a retaliatory strike".