'The NHS cyber-attack is a wake up call', says security specialist

He said he "promptly" registered the domain, something he regularly does to try to discover ways to track or stop malicious software. In reality, doing that may be more hard than it sounds, either because of corporate cultures that don't prioritize security or because of a lack of funding to upgrade to the latest and greatest.

Arsenal on course to be last year's Premier League points

That would mean for one hell of an exciting game following the Premier League's closure to determine who will gain Champions League football. "It shows how close we all are and it has been a unusual season". We are more defensively stable. The game started with nothing of the tempo and chances from Sunday's opening exchanges from Arsenal's weekend win over Manchester United.

UN Security Council vows sanctions over N. Korea missile test

UN Security Council vows sanctions over N. Korea missile test

A functional ICBM would need a nuclear warhead that can be mounted on to a missile. The country's official Korean Central News Agency said the test firing of the new ground-to-ground strategic ballistic missile "Hwasong-12" was successful. The North is banned from testing missiles using ballistic technology under multiple UNSC resolutions that have been adopted since 2006. North Korea is known to be developing both nuclear weapons - it has conducted five nuclear tests - and the missiles ...

I'm joining Macron, says former prime minister Valls

Mr Valls said that "I will be a candidate in the presidential majority and I wish to join up to his movement, the Republic on the Move". On both sides of the traditional divide, the signs so far are that the large parties which have long dominated are struggling to maintain leverage over Macron via the lower house of parliament without losing too many of their troops through defections to his camp.

Ransomware attack: Who's been hit

Over the years, Windows PCs have been the battleground on which these attacks have played out, as hackers have exploited vulnerabilities in what for decades was the mostly widely used operating system. Banks, trains and automobiles Anti-virus experts Symantec said the majority of organisations affected were in Europe. At least two new variations of the malware were discovered as of Monday morning, so this claim is not unfounded.