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Teenage boy detained for dancing to the Macarena in Saudi Arabia

The video went viral in July past year , the BBC reported. The footage was first posted past year , but his arrest was reported on Monday. It is unclear whether the boy will be formally charged. As he starts dancing to the tune of the famous 90...

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Mayweather Vs McGregor Embedded Episode One

The singer told TMZ that she was predicting a McGregor upset. Floyd Mayweather Jr . just days away, the Irishman's feud with another boxer continues to steal the headlines away from the bout being dubbed the biggest in combat sports history.

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Recycle and donate your Eclipse glasses

There is no place to send your eclipse glasses just yet. Or you can donate them to help residents in Chile, Argentina, India, the Philippines and other countries who will treated to a total solar eclipse in 2019. You can drop them off anytime d...

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Tesla Model X Smokes A Lamborghini Aventador In Drag Race

Two top-shelf Tesla cars both beat a Lamborghini Aventador, continuing to prove the technical advantages of high-end electric motors in acceleration. Using Ludicrous Mode, the Tesla is able to launch to 60 miles per hour in just 3.1 seconds, all...