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Theresa May wins parliament vote after bowing to Brexit pressure

Clause 18 would have seen the Government obliged to participate in a customs union if a free trade agreement had not been reached by January 2019. In a sometimes heated debate Conservative Anna Soubry said the plan May agreed at her meeting with mi...

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A dozen new moons of Jupiter discovered, including one 'oddball'

Because Jupiter moves across the sky at a known speed, anything nearby moving at the same speed in the same direction becomes a candidate for a moon - but confirmation is a time-consuming process, Sheppard explained to ScienceAlert. The team's goal w...

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Redheads, lobsters and cupcakes: Apple shows off 70 new iOS emojis

These include ones such as Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes and Three Hearts, Partying Face, Pleading Face and Cold Face. New animal characters include a lobster, a peacock and a kangaroo. In a time when nearly every day is some sort of a weird holi...