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Trump's 'extreme vetting' proposal for would-be immigrants

A poll released Thursday shows that a majority of voters in general, and immigrants specifically, support Republican nominee Donald Trump's proposal to subject immigrants to an ideological test. Following the San Bernardino attack last December, he s...

Rio Olympics: Elaine Thompson becomes new Jamaican sprint queen

In recent years, thanks to a tradition first established by the likes of Merlene Ottey and continued by Bolt and Fraser-Pryce, Jamaica has dominated the world-best time lists and medal podiums through four Olympics. Yet, as they strained the last cou...

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Seal jumps onto boat to save his life

On the other hand, full grown orcas can weigh anywhere from 3,000 to 8,000 pounds, and I'm not sure that keeping three of those things from their meal was the best or smartest idea. The friendly boaters let the seal hang out while they got an up-clos...

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No Man's Sky Getting New PS4 Patch This Week

These initial first few weeks post-launch has given indie developers , Hello Games, a good indication as to what problems gamers are experiencing with their latest release, No Man's Sky . In No Man's Sky's short life on PC, it has seen a peak of ...