Wayward Pines returns to FOX Wednesday

Wayward Pines returns to FOX Wednesday

Get prepped, as the second season begins.

"Wayward Pines", a surprise hit a year ago, had a spooky, "Twilight Zone"-esque plot, an appealing star in the amazingly well-preserved Matt Dillon and the gorgeous Carla Gugino".

After finding one of the missing agents safely settled in the quiet little town of Wayward Pines, he soon realizes that the town isn't what it seems to be.

The new season, premiering Wednesday night on Fox, is just plain silly.

Patric has been just fine in the exact same ways that Dillon was just fine. Perhaps Patric's aforementioned incredulity manifests more in a squint, compared with Dillon's wide-eyed bafflement - but the leading man swap produces an uncomfortable sense of either deja vu or just pure repetitiveness and serves to highlight how even though the second season of Wayward Pines is still sometimes spooky, it hasn't been pushed forward almost aggressively enough.

Succeeding previous star Matt Dillon, Patric plays Dr. Theo Yedlin, a maritally troubled Boston surgeon new to the Idaho town where the young First Generation is in control and threatens the elders ... and the rest of the human race.

To this trio I can only say one thing: Yikes. Ben's still around, leading a rebellion of citizens opposed to the First Generation's draconian tactics; food is dwindling; and then there are the "abbies" (still a ludicrously ill-advised name) nakedly swarming outside the gates, ready to shred anyone who attempts to venture out in search of supplies.


Contrary to previous speculations that the second season of the TV series will start deviating from what transpired during Season 1, the follow-up season will actually feature a continuation of the freakish events surrounding the odd town in Idaho, reports the International Business Times of Australia.

Wayward Pines, an adaptation of the "Wayward Pines" novels by eminent sci-fi and mystery author Blake Crouch, is entering its second season.

Wayward Pines debuted on FOX last May and became an immediate hit during its 10-episode run.