Trump still insists exonerated 'Central Park Five' are guilty

Trump still insists exonerated 'Central Park Five' are guilty

According to CNN, Trump still believes that the so-called Central Park 5 raped and beat a woman who was jogging through the park in 1989.

This is not the first time that Trump has involved himself in the case.

Donald Trump - who nearly three decades ago made a veiled call for the execution of the now-exonerated suspects in the Central Park jogger case - waded back into the fray of the 27-year-old crime, reiterating his suggestion the men were "guilty" and calling a settlement reached with the city "outrageous". The group was arrested within hours of the reported incident. Trump, then a tabloid star and New York society mainstay, placed a full-page ad in the New York Daily News calling for the reinstatement of the death penalty and the subsequent execution of the five teenagers, whom he called "crazed misfits". That man admitted to acting alone in the crime.

Yes, the five made inculpatory statements to police - but the indisputable DNA evidence overrode their accounts and became an object lesson in the potential unreliability of confessions.

However, in 2002, a New York State Supreme Court judge vacated all five convictions after DNA evidence showed the crime had been committed by one man, a convicted rapist and murderer named Matias Reyes. All five were exonerated and received a $41 million settlement in 2014.

So back to why Trump's statements from this week are so troubling.

"They admitted they were guilty". They had been in the park that night and were in police custody for other incidents. "The fact that the case was settled with so much evidence against them is outrageous". "And the woman, so badly injured, will never be the same". It was later found that the case had risk factors for coercion, resulting in false confessions. It just makes him look bad. But presidential candidate Donald Trump has always maintained that the five were guilty despite what the DNA may say.

Donald Trump has revived the controversy over his opinion on the 1989 "Central Park Jogger" case. It was eerily reminiscent of earlier times, when a black man could be hanged after simply being accused of a crime against a white woman.

Science ultimately confirmed the Central Park 5's innocence.

Trump's critics have pointed to his persistent attacks on the wrongfully convicted minority individuals as evidence that his racially inflammatory stances predate the 2016 campaign.