Man who killed his daughter's sexual abuser sentenced to 40 years

Man who killed his daughter's sexual abuser sentenced to 40 years

"I haven't seen Raymond in years", Julia Maynortold AL. "It was long enough for me to think it was completely normal and made me to feel that he actually loves me in a different kind of way than my mother and father loves me".

On the day of the shooting Julia says she got into an argument with her father and somehow the issue of her abuse was raised and she said her father just snapped.

In 2014, Julia Maynor said something to her father which prompted him to drive to Brooks' house and murder him.

'[Raymond] took my innocence away and only served like 18 months, and now I suffer daily from what he did to me. He is an awesome father - actually the best.

After shooting Brooks dead, Maynor also fired shots into a convenience store after spotting an ex-boyfriend of his stepdaughter, who had allegedly been abusive to her. "He loves us so much".

The man was unharmed by the attack.

He pleaded guilty to the lengthy assault in 2002, and was jailed for five years.

But, according to the Alabama Department of Corrections, he only served 27 months of the sentence before being granted an early release in February 2005.

She claims the sentence handed down to her father is unfair. "It was just something I said out of anger to my father".

Speaking with Alabama Local News, the 24-year-old said her father pleaded guilty to the shooting and accepted the sentence so she wouldn't have to testify in court.

Julia Maynor knows her dad is facing the outcome of revenge, but said if someone attacked her children, "I would do it with no questions asked".

In another interview with WVTM13, she added: "I overcame my PTSD, but now I have had to relive it all over again". "I've overcome PTSD for a little while and now I'm having to re-overcome something that hasn't happened in 14, 15, 16 years".

"Me and my husband are now going through a divorce because of it".

As for Julia, her struggle is far from over. "I'm calling him a psychopathic lunatic for endangering peoples' lives, including mine", Hays said told the Associated Press at the time. "I'm sad but yet mad".