Heavy security at Trump Tower not going away anytime soon

Heavy security at Trump Tower not going away anytime soon

"In the weeks leading up to the election, visitors at Trump Tower were subjected to bag checks and other screening but otherwise had free access to a five-story atrium that has shops and restaurants, including Trump Grill and a Starbucks".

For now, the NYPD and the Secret Service will rigorously enforce a ban on Fifth Avenue truck traffic.

Once in front of Trump Tower, heavily armed members of the NYPD's terror response team stand outside.

The president-elect has spent most of his time since his November 8 election in the tower.

He has spent most of the time entrenched with his family and advisors in his Fifth Avenue building, Trump Tower, causing havoc in the heart of the country's largest city due to his security detail and ongoing anti-Trump protests. Vehicle traffic is closed on 56th Street between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue.

With Trump and his advisors stationed inside the tower to plan the presidential transition, the New York Police Department and the Secret Service have set up metal and concrete barricades in front of the building.

"It is challenging", O'Neill said.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill and a host of other officials, including the head of the U.S. Secret Service in NY, sketched out at a news conference what New Yorkers face in the 65 days around Trump Tower, noting things may change after the inauguration.

"Obviously, traffic in Midtown has to flow and obviously the President-elect and his entire team have to be protected".

There is a political dimension, too, that is not likely to go unnoticed. Trump will be the first president in decades to use New York City as a base or place of part-time residence, he said.

"The traffic situation is a very real problem and it is magnified, of course, because we're going into the holidays", said the mayor.

Mayor de Blasio said it would make life in the crowded city easier if the public would refrain from visiting Trump Tower, which sits on Fifth Ave. between 57th and 56th Sts.

How much time Trump will spend in Washington and Manhattan is anybody's guess.

The mayor predicted New Yorkers would shrug off the hassle of protecting Trump. And he has indicated that as president he would like to be here when possible.

How will the high-end retail businesses along Fifth Avenue be affected? The famous Childe Hassam painting "Avenue in the Rain", which depicts a flag-draped Fifth Avenue, has long hung in the Oval Office. A spokeswoman for Gucci declined to comment on whether the increased security protocol has affected the store's sales. But the issues that the agency is examining are likely to be far more complex than street closures.

"People who work and live inside Trump Tower will also now be vetted by the Secret Service, the New York Daily News reports". At nearby corners, four men bearing sandwich boards were trying to attract attention to a nearby fur coat store.

Inside the Gucci store, sales clerks waited for customers. There's a police checkpoint just before you cross onto the block where the tower, at 725 Fifth Ave., is located.

"If they're shopping, Gucci or Tiffany's, and employees, let them through", the officer said.