Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump from cyber bullies

Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump from cyber bullies

The 36-year-old daughter of Hillary Clinton stood up for Barron and took to social media to urge people to leave the child alone.

Chelsea Clinton is standing up for President Donald Trump's youngest son after jokes about him appeared to circulate during the inauguration and throughout the weekend.

However, Clinton also implied that some of the 70-year-old president's policies may harm children.

The former First Daughter did manage to get a dig in at Donald Trump, however. One person wrote if she wanted to take a shot at the president she should have done so in a separate post.

The comic has since deleted her tweet and made her account private.

Chelsea, a former child of the White House, knows exactly how hard it is to be in the spotlight when you didn't really have a choice in the matter.

But her support came with a slight political agenda.

However, one Twitter user defended Rich, writing, "Totally standing by the lady who said Barron will be the first homeschool shooter... when it's right, it's right".

Clinton is no stranger to being the target of mockery herself, as her looks were criticized during a 1992 airing of "Saturday Night Live".

She experienced bullying in the media when she was in the spotlight. "I think Barron is on his Gameboy".

In another post, the Modern Family cast member commented on Barron's pained expression and wrote, "a voting majority shares your horror".

Chelsea's Barron comments are coming on the heels of several people who attacked the 10-year-old's demeanor during his father's inauguration, Friday. Bill, probably. Her mom is much clumsier when trying to surreptitiously slide a blade between an opponent's ribs.