Tom Brady startled by Martellus Bennett's great prank

Tom Brady startled by Martellus Bennett's great prank

"Hiiii, Tom!" squealed an unseen voice.

Brady flinched. "Marty!" he said, referring to the unexpected interruption of the team's resident jokester, tight end Martellus Bennett. The coach laughed and said that if Brady had such an interest, he "will give him a deep long bow, shake hands and I'll coach the quarterbacks for him".

Ever wondered how Tom Brady manages to stay injury-free despite the hard hits he takes on the football field?

Only Brady knows if he thought reaching yet another Super Bowl was possible when the National Football League finally suspended him for the first four games of this season. "He's been available every game this season, he's played several different positions and he's practiced nearly every day, too". He's fought through it.

Now that Super Bowl LI is just around the corner, a lot of people have been speculating on whether or not Donald Trump and Tom Brady are friends. Bennett let out a loud "Hi Tom!" at Brady, which apparently "scared the crap out of" Brady. From swearing to Roger Goodell to time travel, Martellus Bennett has captivated the media throughout the week.

"I'm still hopeful, but I'm not sure", he said Thursday. Brady can obviously be used as a huge recruiting tool, and also a mentor for current players on the team.

"I talked the other day about compartmentalization", he said. That's the only reason you play. Even though MI is one of the most prestigious schools in the country for football, Brady didn't get love coming out of college.

In November, Gisele denied that she and husband were supporting Trump in the presidential elections.

Great question. The NFL plays the Super Bowl at a predetermined neutral site every year (well, it wouldn't be neutral if the Houston Texans made it).

Brady played football from 1995-99 and has gone on to have one of the most illustrious careers in NFL history. "I was thinking about going back to school this offseason to get a degree, but the only school I really want to attend is Hogwarts".

"I've been very blessed to find her". He noted how atypical that was, and a Comcast Sportsnet New England report had one answer why: Brady's mother, Galynn, had been dealing with health issues over the last 18 months.

Brady might not want to coach after his playing days are done. He said that it's easy to block out questions about his place in history because he's still writing the book.