Bones found in home of Houston woman who vanished in 2015

Bones found in home of Houston woman who vanished in 2015

No formal identification has been made on skeletal remains found Saturday in a Heights area home, but neighbors and police are leaning toward the possibility of the remains being those of a 61-year-old woman who once owned the home and has not been seen since 2015.

As mail piled up at her door and the state of the property became more and more disheveled, Cerruti's neighbors grew concerned for her well-being.

One neighbor even resorted to hiring a private investigator.

Inside the home, cleaners found a few dead cats, but no sign of human remains.

Homeowners in Houston, Texas were shocked to discover a human skeleton inside the walls of their new home. However, with no evidence to support their story, it was assumed that Cerutti was still alive. Police said two distant cousins also came forward in September 2016 after learning that Cerruti was listed as missing while they were conducting genealogy research.

After Cerruti stopped making mortgage payments on the home, it was foreclosed on in March 2015. Some have reportedly speculated that Cerruti may have been murdered, while others said that she may have sold her home to a nearby luxury apartment complex and left, according to Newser.

The new residents left after nightfall.

The house where the gruesome find was made
ABC The house where the gruesome find was made

While identity and cause of death have yet to be determined, Houston Police Detective Jason Fay says it is possible that while in the attic, someone tripped and plunged into the empty space.

Along with the discovery was a tattered rag and a pair of $5 drug store glasses with red frames.

They called police who tore down a wall to get to the bones.

"I don't know what more we could have done, but I wish we had", Lidell said.

Although the remains have not been identified as Cerutti's, her ex-husband told ABC 13 that he was notified when Mary went missing but hadn't heard anything since.

Authorities are now investigating whether the person in question died of natural causes or foul play.

There are still no answers in a freakish Heights mystery that has the whole neighborhood talking.