Why Bernie Sanders's Unity Tour Failed

The Democratic National Committee has all but disappeared since its recent elections - except when they're asking for money.

Brian Fallon, Clinton's former spokesman and senior adviser to the Democratic Super PACPriorities USA, said this week that Democrats' path to retaking the House of Representatives in 2018 is through middle-class suburbs where Clinton beat out Trump last fall. Bernie Sanders headed to Louisville, Kentucky, on Tuesday night for the second stop of their weeklong "Come Together and Fight Back" tour.

Other rallies will be held in Arizona, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, Nebraska and Utah. "There are probably more independents in this country than Democrats or Republicans". The pair appears Wednesday at the James L. Knight Center in Miami.

The new Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez and Senator Bernie Sanders are making a South Florida stop during their tour.

The pro-life group estimates that more than 23 million Democrats in the USA are pro-life.

Perez bashed GOP leaders - with some colorful language as he dropped the "s" word multiple times: "The Republican leadership doesn't give a s-- about people who are suffering".

Sanders called on Floridians to rebuild their state by demanding growth in solar energy and combating climate change while calling for healthcare for all and comprehensive immigration reform.

Last summer, Democrats for Life Director Kristen Day urged the party to "open the big tent" to pro-life Democrats.

TOM PEREZ: And when we sit side by side and talk about what our fears and hopes are, what I've been learning is that we have incredible alignment in what our goals are. About 850,000 Floridians fall into the coverage gap because Scott and the Republican-led Legislature have refused to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

Organizers expected about three thousand people to attend. "I came out in support of Bernie", she said.

Sanders also did well in rural areas that supported Republican candidate Ted Cruz, a USA senator from Texas, in the primary and Trump in the November election. Sanders accepted and promoted the propaganda of the United States government and media about the chemical weapons attack and backed regime change, insisting that "Assad has got to go".

"It's a attractive community which is under threat of incredible gentrification", Sanders said. "It was a very helpful message", Hayes rebutted before asking "Do you have to name the enemy?" and "Do you have to say, 'These are the people that are screwing you?'"

But the tour was also meant to bridge divides between the Democratic establishment, as represented in last year's primary by Hillary Clinton, and Sanders's insurgent progressive wing.

The evening was billed as a joint event, but it was evident from attendees that Sanders was the main draw. Northam already had the endorsement of almost every Democratic state official and the governor. Days after the election, Sanders proclaimed his willingness to work with Trump upon taking office, promoting the fiction that the new administration might pursue policies beneficial to the working class. Sanders' economic nationalism, moreover, is closely aligned with that of Trump. When members in the audience chanted "Bernie!" Senator Sanders asked the crowd.

He said his road trip this week with Perez was not about sending a message of unity, but rather about focusing attention on the issues and encouraging voter participation.