Former President Obama responds to Jimmy Kimmel's monologue about newborn son

United States talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has opened up on the troubled delivery of his new baby, recounting the excruciating three-hour wait for his son to go through life-saving heart surgery moments after birth.

Jimmy Kimmel has received a lot of support following his announcement that his newborn son underwent emergency open-heart surgery a few days after birth.

Jimmy Kimmel's 12-day-old son Billy.

As Kimmel noted, Billy appeared normal and healthy until hours after his birth, when a nurse noticed the baby was slightly purple and had a heart murmur. He went in there with a scalpel and did some kind of magic that I couldn't even begin to explain.

Billy Kimmel's surgery is the first of several as he grows up, says Dr. Jeremy Ringewald, a pediatric interventional cardiologist from St. Joseph's Children's Hospital in Tampa.

Kimmel ended his monolog with a plea to stop President Donald Trump and Congress from defunding the National Institutes of Health and passing health care legislation that would not cover people with pre-existing conditions. Those emotions then spilled into thoughts he offered about the importance of health coverage for people with pre-existing conditions and his feelings on health care policy. "If your baby is going to die and doesn't have to, it shouldn't matter how much money you make". Kimmel presented a real, tangible, example of what these cuts could mean to people and families.

"Poor kid, not only did he get a bad heart, he got my face", Kimmel joked as a picture of a smiling Billy showed up on the screen.

Joe is now a radio host, and he was referencing Kimmel's opening monolog in which he addressed the difficulty of the birth of his son and how grateful he was for the Obama administration passing the Affordable Care Act.

His son was transferred to another hospital where surgeons spent three hours operating on him. "I think that's something, whether you're Republican or a Democrat we all agree on that, right?"

Billy will have another open-heart surgery within six months to fix the hole and then the third procedure when he's a young teen, but he came home six days after the surgery and is "doing great", Kimmel said.

He defended the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, and encouraged viewers to put aside their political differences to hold politicians accountable for health care issues. And if your parents didn't have insurance, he added, "You may not even live long enough to get denied because of your pre-existing condition". Partisan squabbles shouldn't divide American on something "every decent person wants".