See the gruesome poster for Jennifer Lawrence's new movie 'Mother!'

See the gruesome poster for Jennifer Lawrence's new movie 'Mother!'

I'm not familiar with Jean's Fables illustrations, but his Mother! poster seems distinctly inspired by Frida Kahlo: the background is similarly lush, and the image demands that its viewer confronts something visceral and fleshy.

That's what happened Sunday when Darren Aronofsky, who happens to be making a film called Mother!, released the first poster for his movie, in which a beatific Jennifer Lawrence finally shows America what's in her heart.

Not spared from the carnage is Michelle Pfeiffer, Ed Harris, and Kristen Wiig, who all feature in the film in roles that are yet-to-be-revealed.

She looks like one of those creepy dolls you had as a kid that you just knew was moving around while you weren't looking.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Mother! is a psychological thriller that "follows the story of a couple whose relationship is tested by a group of unexpected visitors".

The film is due for release on October 13.

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