Apple Is Taking Their Innovation Quest To Pizza Boxes Now

Apple Is Taking Their Innovation Quest To Pizza Boxes Now

Mainly because this is one of the world's most prominent tech companies and partly because pizza boxes are perfectly fine on their own, the patent offers a glimpse into how Apple treats every little thing, no matter how small or important.

Apple felt its invention was so brilliant and original that it filed a patent for its design back in 2010.

Apple's brand-new campus is starting to open up to employees, and Wired got to step inside for an early look at the incredibly elaborate building.

The Verge followed up on an anecdote about pizza and discovered that there is, indeed, a pizza box Apple designed specifically for its employees. Elevating the pizza from the bottom surface ensures that any steam that is emitted from the bottom of the pizza can flow away from the bottom of the pizza. According to Wired, the box was designed in part by Frencesco Longoni, the head of Apple Park café. It has holes in the top to allow moisture to escape, apparently to keep pizzas from getting soggy so workers could take them back to their pods.

The magazine also included a quote from Jony Ive, Apple's design guru, that comes right after the description of the so-called Special Box. From the engineering of its phones to the seemingly endless stories about its "spaceship" campus, Apple is picky about quite literally everything. "We don't measure this in terms of numbers of people". Although, to be honest, we wouldn't be put out if they started licensing this patent.