Google Announces Android Go for Low-End Devices & Emerging Markets

This week, Google is hosting its annual I/O developer conference, where today it announced that Android is now installed on over two billion monthly active phones and tablets.

As in the hero image of this post, Google also alluded to improved performance for apps at large.

To support Android Go Google will be releasing a specific set of Go optimised Android Apps to enhance the experience for users. Facebook has its own version of this feature in its Moments app. Notification dots are here to extend the usability of your notifications, developers can basically mark new activity within an app in a new way using notification dots (pictured down below). If you'd like to get more info when it comes to everything we've talked about here, visit the source link down below.

At the OS level, Google has ensured that both computing and data optimisation have been considered with features like Chrome's data saver turned on by default.

Smart Text Selection is also a feature that will interest some of you, as this feature utilizes machine learning to let Android recognize entities like addresses, telephone numbers, URLs, email addresses and so on. Depending on what you've highlighted, you'll then be able to act further. In the real world, that means you could, for instance, point your phone camera at a restaurant and get reviews for it. And there has been a 10X growth in Android Auto since 2016. A feature called Google Play Protect, meanwhile, will scan all your apps for malicious software. Settings for WiFi, hot spots and mobile data, for example, are now collected together in a "Network & Internet" tab.

Owners of the iPhone will have one more option for their digital voice assistant. It's also touting faster boot times.

Last but not least, Google has now added Kotlin as an officially supported language for Android, in addition to Java and C++.

A third development for Android O is the new Android Go project, which focuses on making Android run good on affordable devices with little memory. This would be a big deal, but time will tell how much time it'll actually save.

The Android O beta is now available for download publicly.

The new abilities announced Wednesday will also enable the Home speaker to control and interact with a variety of Whirlpool and Jenn-Air appliances later this year.

Despite all its new capabilities, one thing Android O still doesn't have is a name. Our money is on "Oreo".