Trump pick for FBI director coming 'soon,' president says

Trump pick for FBI director coming 'soon,' president says

President Donald Trump meets with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Thursday, May 18, 2017.

As Colombia's five-decade conflict with Marxist rebels winds down, President Juan Manuel Santos is battling to keep Washington's interest in the country that receives the greatest amount of US aid in the Americas.

The United States has supported the Colombian government with $10 billion over the last decade or so, under the auspices of so-called Plan Colombia.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller after a succession of jarring developments that brought to a boil questions over Russia's alleged meddling in the election and possible collusion by the Trump campaign. Trump also backed his decision to Fire Comey, saying it was a "bipartisan decision", claiming that both Democrats and Republicans had said "terrible things about Director Comey".

While Trump can propose programs, Congress ultimately controls spending and rarely approves White House budget plans as proposed. Congressional committees have since asked for all of the Comey memos and any recordings of meetings with Trump.

Trump, who leaves today for his first foreign trip, will miss the roll-out of his full budget. He instead emphasized the need for "cooperation between nations" to combat drug trafficking, adding that the "war on drugs has not been won" and it is a "global problem" that is bigger than just Colombia and the U.S. As a result, most of the press conference was spent discussing Russian Federation and the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

Earlier this week, investors dumped stocks in response to reports that Trump in February had asked Comey to stop investigating his former national security adviser, prompting accusations the president may have tried to hamper the probe.

"I urge President Trump and all of the United States to look more to the south", he told Baier. "I'm fine with whatever people want to do, but we have to get back to running this country really, really well". Trump has long bristled at the notion that Russian Federation played any role in his November election victory.

"Unless they are able to completely change the course of this crisis - perhaps by setting up an independent investigation and getting everything out in the open - the Trump policy agenda, and many key GOP goals, are on life support", Mahaffee said.

The Post says the revelation comes as the investigation appears to be entering a more open and active phase, with investigators conducting interviews and using a grand jury to issue subpoenas.

Trump didn't mention the $450 million that former President Barack Obama promised the Colombian government. "They work. Believe me". He said "we're very close to an Federal Bureau of Investigation director" who will be announced "soon".