Expulsion of Qataris from Gulf states comes into effect

"It remains business as usual, and we intend to keep it that way", its CEO Yousef al-Jaida said.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt and other countries have cut ties with Qatar over accusations the emirate supports extremism. The visit by the U.S. president and assurances of USA support in countering Islamic terrorist groups, a broad term, that could for the Saudis include opposition groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, could have emboldened the two states to take the drastic steps of severing all diplomatic ties with Qatar.

Qatar is accused of having links with the terrorist groups and relations with Iran, the two main reasons behind the step taken by certain Arab states to isolate the country and impose sanctions. No one has the right to interfere in my affairs.

He said the tour had been planned before the unfolding of the current diplomatic crisis between Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

He highlighted that Saudi Arabia's hosting of the historic Arab Islamic American Summit brought together the USA and a number of Muslim and Arab countries with the aim of better dialogue between Arab and Islamic countries and their counterparts in the West.

The diplomatic dispute is an important test for the United States, which is close allies of countries on both sides and has the headquarters of its air power in the Middle East in Qatar.

"It is clear that the actions of the blockading nations have little to do with addressing legitimate grievances and everything to do with attacking Qatar's image and reputation", he said. Breaking ties with Qatar, the Times noted, diverges from the policies of the Pentagon, State Department, and previous administrations, which all view the small Arab Gulf nation as a crucial military ally.

On 7 June - the third day of the crisis - the Turkish parliament fast-tracked legislation to allow the troops to be sent to Qatar.

"The Gulf political crisis has also affected countries outside the region".

"There must be some people who are wise in Qatar and who will prevail, hopefully within the ruling family", Gargash said.

The ongoing diplomatic conflict between Qatar and a number of the Gulf States is not the first conflict between Doha and its neighbors. "It also strenuously denies that Minister Carmelo Abela has made the remarks reported b y fox-news24.com, or any remarks whatsoever on the situation concerning Saudi Arabia and Qatar". Several ordered Qataris in their countries to return home, and their citizens to leave the country within two weeks.