Upcoming Mercedes-Benz A-class Sedan Is All About That Base

Upcoming Mercedes-Benz A-class Sedan Is All About That Base

Mercedes-Benz USA declined to comment on its US plans or the dealer meeting.

As you can see, the dual-screen setup first introduced on the S-Class has finally trickled down to the smallest Mercedes, and thus the floating center screen will become a thing of the past.

Mercedes will bring its small A-Class sedan to the United States in late 2018, Automotive News reports, citing conversations with dealers who were present at a Mercedes-Benz dealer meeting in Miami this month. "It's a very nice-looking vehicle", stated Ken Schnitzer, chairman of the Mercedes-Benz Dealer Board, who also owns four Mercedes-Benz dealerships in Texas.

When the CLA made its debut in 2013, it was priced just below $30,000 and dealers are hopeful that the new model will be priced competitively to help attract younger buyers into the fold.

The concept A-Class is slightly shorter, but wider and taller than the current CLA.

"I'm very excited about it", said Jeff Aiosa, a Mercedes dealer in New London, Conn. Well, it seems the time is now coming as Mercedes has been preparing its dealers for the arrival of the all-new A-Class next year. As for the looks, the Concept A Sedan - unveiled earlier this year in Shanghai - ought to provide a fairly clear indication of what to expect. The redesigned A class will be built on the company's MFA2 platform, an evolution of its Modular Front Architecture. Maybe you didn't want the classically proportioned.

Yesterday we were telling you that it's likely that the fourth generation of the A-Class could also introduce a paradigm shift in the way that Mercedes-Benz designs its interiors, but it seems that we were only half-right. By 2020, the A class is forecast to be about 5 percent of the brand's US sales.