Trump and Macron turn on the charm

A tape was released in October weeks before the US Presidential elections where Trump was heard talking about women in a derogatory manner.

President Trump's unwieldy handshakes with other world leaders have always been closely watched, but at the close of his Paris visit Friday, he shared a truly striking hand maneuver with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Trump and Macron had previously shared another attention-grabbing handshake, albeit one that was far surpassed in intensity by Friday's display.

The parade on Paris's Champs-Elysees commemorated the centenary of the United States entering World War I and featured horses, helicopters, planes and troops.

"They shook hands for an extended period of time".

"You're in such good shape", Trump can be heard saying to Mrs. Macron, before adding "beautiful".

Trump and Macron are seen walking down a Paris street backed by a marching band and French flag.

Is it possible Donald Trump is getting worse at handshakes?

Trump, who has made few friends in Europe with his rejection of the 2015 Paris agreement and his "America first" trade stance, met with French President Emmanuel Macron as both leaders sought common ground to reset an awkward relationship.

"My handshake with him, it's not innocent", the French president explained.

Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron showed off their budding friendship as the US President was guest of honour at France's Bastille Day parade. Which is just about as effusive a compliment one can hope for from him; just ask his favorite son, Trump Jr.

Paris: Their handshakes are becoming a talking point of every encounter and US President Donald Trump and French counterpart Emmanuel Macron didn't disappoint today.

Trump's power-holding came after a cringey exchange with Macron's wife, Brigitte. The title previously belonged to a 19-second shake he shared with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in February.

But not everyone is happy that the USA president is in town. "Trump seems to just want his hand back".