Facebook's New Camera Feature Lets You Create Your Own GIFs

Facebook's New Camera Feature Lets You Create Your Own GIFs

As expected, you can use the full range of effects and frames from the Facebook camera.

Now, the social networking giant is letting you make your own GIFs with the addition of a GIF mode in Facebook Camera. According to The Next Web the GIFs it creates last only "a few seconds".

It appears the GIF-making feature is not available to all users at this time, suggesting those who now have their hands on it either got it by accident or through the update rolling out very slowly. You can also add the GIF to your Facebook story, post it to your profile, or save it to your device.

You can see how the GIF option looks in the Facebook camera above. Normal lets you take photos and record normal videos, while GIF lets you record a three-second clip.

A Facebook representative confirmed the feature is now being tested with a "very small number of iOS users" for the time being, but notes there will be more information about this GIF maker arriving in a few weeks' time. You also can't send them via other social media platforms, which means this feature, while very fun, won't really work outside of Facebook. The new GIF function on the Facebook iOS app seems to show that the company is trying to embrace the GIF like never before.

When can you start making GIFs?

Eventually, these GIFs will remain useless outside Facebook. We do not know yet whether the GIF creator will be coming to the Android version of Facebook in testing format.