Contact Lenses Found Inside A Woman's Eye

Contact Lenses Found Inside A Woman's Eye

27 contact lenses have been found stucked in the eye of a 67-year-old lady while they were preparing for a cataract surgery.

She told Optometry Today, "It was such a large mass". All the contact lenses were stuck together. Part of their surprise, she said, was because the patient hadn't complained of any irritation.

According to Morjaria, after the lenses were removed, the patient said "her eyes felt a lot more comfortable". After she found that her eye has been harbouring 27 contact lenses, she was just as shocked as the doctors were. Double lid eversion and fluorescein staining of the ocular surface can reveal dislocated contact lenses in the upper fornix, ' they said in a report published by The BMJ.

Because the lenses were behind the woman's eye for so long, it meant a large amount of bacteria had built up around her conjunctiva.

The lenses were discovered in two clumps, Rupal Morjaria, a specialist trainee of ophthalmology, told Optometry Today.

The cataract surgery was postponed.

But she had cataracts, so last November, doctors were injecting anesthesia into her eyes for surgery when they paused, surprised by the freakish discovery.

The 67-year-old, who was waiting on cataract surgery, had been wearing disposable lenses for more than 35 years, and assumed the discomfort she was enduring was the result of ageing.

However, the senior citizen brushed it off as she thought it was due to her dry eyes, and her old age. Contact lenses have also been reported to be the reason behind infections and sometimes the cause behind people losing their eyesight.

Surprisingly, the patient had not reported any symptoms of the missing contact lenses.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology said Keratitis is the most common infection from wearing contact lenses, when the cornea - the clear, front window of the eye - becomes infected.

Association of Optometrists clinical and regulatory officer, Henry Leonard, told OT that the case illustrates the importance of contact lens wearers having regular professional after care.