Trump's Statement on Venezuela

Trump's Statement on Venezuela

Speaking to reporters on Friday at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club, Trump deplored Venezuela's growing humanitarian crisis and declared that all options remain on the table, including a potential military intervention, reports The Washington Post.

Venezuela's Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino branded Trump's threat as "a insane act", on Friday.

Venezuela's new Constituent Assembly on Saturday strongly backed socialist President Nicolas Maduro in the face of the "vile threats" of his USA counterpart Donald Trump, who said U.S. military action was an option to quell the South American country's devastating crisis.

The remarks came shortly after Maduro forcefully warned the US president that Venezuela "will never give in". It's our neighbor. We have troops all over the world, in places that are very far away.

The US has slapped a string of sanctions on Venezuelan individuals involved in the creation of the ANC, including Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

"If the US soils the homeland, the rifles would come to NY and take the White House", said Nicolas Maduro Guerra according to Politico.

Donald Trump has said United States military intervention is an option in response to Venezuela's descent into political chaos.

Donald Trump is aching to be a war time president.

The U.S. recently sanctioned Maduro and several top officials in Venezuela.

Regional pressure on the Venezuelan government has continued, with Peru ordering the expulsion of the Venezuelan ambassador from Lima after Caracas sent an "unacceptable" response to regional condemnation of its new constituent assembly.

Maduro hasn't made the same kind of threats toward the US or its allies like North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has.

The statement added that since the start of his administration, Trump had asked that Maduro respect Venezuela's constitution.

The red line for the United States has been the election of the Constituent Assembly, last July 30.

Trump declined to give more details about the possibility of USA forces leading an operation in Venezuela.

He went on to say that he thinks "lots of good things could happen" but "we could also have a bad solution".

President Trump declined to speak with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Friday after the South American leader requested a phone call with him, the White House said in a statement.

"The Pentagon has not received any orders with regards to Venezuela", Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon said, according to CNN.

Since early April more than 120 people have died in demonstrations against Maduro and his socialist government triggered by a Supreme Court attempt to strip the opposition-controlled National Assembly of its powers.