Iran Condemns Trump's Provocative Remarks on Venezuela

Iran Condemns Trump's Provocative Remarks on Venezuela

- Vicente Fox Quesada (@VicenteFoxQue) August 12, 2017In remarks to reporters at his New Jersey golf club Friday, Trump said he wouldn't rule out a "possible military option" in Venezuela.

Pence's trip will also take him to Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santiago, Chile; and Panama City, Panama, where he is expected to deliver a number of speeches, meet with the country's leaders and tour the newly expanded Panama Canal.

Former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya: The aggression of the US president against Nicolas Maduro exposes the violent character of the USA government against the people of Venezuela.

Former Argentine Ambassador to Venezuela Alicia Castro: And the one who endorses a United States intervention in his continent, risking the life and peace of us all, is also a miser.

But if any USA military contingency planning is under way, it must be in its early stages. The United States has slapped sanctions on Maduro, an extremely rare punishment against a head of state, as well as two dozen of his officials.

Vice President Pence touched down here Sunday afternoon amid a deepening crisis in neighboring Venezuela, beginning a week-long trip to South and Central America during which he plans to reinforce US trade and security partnerships and increase pressure to restore democracy in Venezuela. It also said the threat was not just against it, but against all of Latin America.

"The reckless threat by President Donald Trump aims to drag Latin America and the Caribbean into a conflict that would permanently alter stability, peace and security in our region", Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza told a news conference, reading a statement in Maduro's name. Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino denounced the threat as "an act of craziness", and Communications Minister Ernesto Villegas described it as "an unprecedented threat to national sovereignty".

Trump's saber-rattling has instead boosted Maduro's claim that American aggression is behind all of Venezuela's problems and that opposition leaders are puppets of the USA and has even made some of the dictator's strongest detractors criticize Trump.

Other Latin American nations strongly opposed to Venezuela's political move have also condemned the prospect of the USA military being deployed to impose Washington's will.

Brazilian Foreign Minister Aloysio Nunes announced that Brazil does not support military intervention in Venezuela.