Microsoft releases preview of updated Skype Desktop app

Microsoft releases preview of updated Skype Desktop app

If you're using the Skype preview app on Windows desktops (not the new Store app), the changes should already be showing up, or you can download the test app here. If you're using Windows as Microsoft intended it, that is, with Windows 10 being automatically updated to the latest version, you won't be able to get this new version of Skype. The new version launched first on Android, before rolling out on iOS, but Microsoft said that Mac and Windows users would have to wait for its release "over the next few months".

Microsoft is bringing some of the features of its new Skype Mobile app to the Desktop with this preview. The company notes that "Skype Preview will install alongside Skype classic, making it easy to switch back if needed". The Frequently Asked Questions page indicates these features will be coming.

Starting today, the next generation of Skype is available in preview on desktop computers.

Microsoft has rolled some new desktop features, including a new media gallery, updates for group calling and more.

Skype, in its endeavors to remain significant, has presented another overhaul for its desktop application that looks vigorously roused from Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.

To get to the Chat notifications option, click your profile picture in the top left (you have the option to disable these notifications if you want). In addition, the new visit display highlight will make it less demanding for users to monitor every one of the media records that have been shared on a specific talk.

Enhanced group calls - Helps customise the group call experience with drag and drop functionality. Also been redesigned group chat app to simplify photo sharing or screen sharing during video calls.

Microsoft also plans to add the ability to share a video during a video call.